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Find Depression Help By Using These Joyful and Positive Affirmations

Depression help won't be as effective if you don't also fill your life with more joy. Here are some wonderful affirmations to create more joy now!

My life is a joy!

My standard of success is the amount of joy I feel.

I express the joy of living. I allow myself to enjoy every moment of every day totally.

Happiness is a state of mind.

I am happy!

My possibilities are endless!

I easily digest, assimilate, and release the things which no longer serve me.

My glass is more than half full. My life is overflowing with goodness.

I am powerful. I send love and light to every living thing on this earth. I receive love and light from everybody around me.

I love my life!

I light up the world around me with a smile on my face. I glow with happiness from the inside out.

I love myself. I am safe and secure.

My life purpose is my pursuit of happiness.

Everything has the meaning I give it.

I hold positive expectation and excited anticipation in life.

Life is my ritual. I celebrate every moment, every thought, and every breath I take, as much as I can.

I deserve to have a wonderful life.

I allow life to flow through me,

I am at peace.

I feel joyful and excited about my life!

I live a charmed life.

Everyday good things come to me.

Joy and ease are familiar to me.

I forgive the past and move into joy.

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